Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunbonnets - Little House on the Prairie Style

For bedtime stories in our house, we have been reading the Little House on the Prairie book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We are currently in the middle of the book On The Banks of Plum Creek.  The girls have been playing "Laura and Mary" and act out stories from the books and tv series.  And we have borrowed some of the series on DVD from our local library to watch at home.   Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorite book series and television show as a young girl.  I even dressed up as Laura one year for Halloween.  Thanks to my mom who stitched up my costume - dress, bonnet and shawl.

So Halloween is next month, and the girls have decided they would like to dress up as Laura and Mary this year.  So now it is my turn to locate and make some costumes.   I found a great sunbonnet tutorial here from Given Moments and additional suggestions from FabriCate & Mira here.   I ordered a children's nightgown pattern from Butterick to use as a prairie dress.   The girls picked out some lovely Calico prints from our local fabric store and once the dresses are made, I think, they will look like authentic little prairie girls.   I have already completed the sunbonnets and the girls love them!   

Mary and Laura

Updated pictures below:  The girls wearing their sunbonnets and dresses on Halloween night.


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