Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Quick Look at a Project from One-Yard Wonders

For my birthday this year, I purchased the book One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  This book caught my eye as it has lots of projects and you only need one yard of fabric for each one.
Most of my sewing skills were acquired in junior high school.  I took sewing classes for three years as part of my curriculum.  I did a lot of sewing when I was younger but have not really made anything until recently.  Maybe a lack of a sewing machine might have have been a factor.  

For my first (and so far only) project from One-Yard Wonders, I decided to tackle the hanging laundry bag. The fabric I used was purchased at Ikea

The laundry bag was easy to make and very functional for our household. It hangs in our bathroom and now contains the loose laundry that used to be strewn all over the floor.  

If you decide to try some of the projects in this book, check out a great blog by Pink Chalk Studio. They are doing a One Yard Wonder Sew along.  

NOTE:  There are some errors in the book and Storey Publishing have posted the corrections here.

My next project from the book will be the festive flag banner.  I have been wanting to make a personalized bunting for each of my daughters' rooms. 

I found One Yard Wonders a great resource and inspiration for sewing projects.   The idea to write about a book review originated from a terrific e-course I am taking though Blogging your Way.

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  1. Your project looks lovely. You've inspired me to dust off my poor machine and get sewing. x

  2. Oh, this post comes at such a perfect time - I will look for that same book! :) Thanks for sharing :)


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