Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ribfest - an ultimate culinary experience

Ribfest is a well loved event among friends.  Last night we got together to enjoy some great food.

Not to upstage the main course of ribs but the homemade bocconcini, tomato and basil salad was amazing. How fresh is that bocconcini?  Well... just over an hour prior to consumption it was just milk, rennet and citric acid.  The completed salad looked fantastic and it was delish!

Three different types of ribs were on the menu and I had to sample them all.

Desserts were plentiful too - warm chocolate pie with whipped cream, fruit pies, broken glass jello, and a nice cheese and fruit plate.  (The dessert pictures are MIA as I was too busy eating to take out my camera.) 

Once again, the ribs were AWESOME!  Kudos to the Rib Master Chef!

I was thinking... with all the great food... maybe Ribfest should actually be called RibFEAST!


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