Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis the season... for craft fairs!

It is that time of year when artisans come out and show their wares at local craft fairs.   I headed down to one of those craft fairs today to check things out.

There was a very wide assortment of crafts and some non-craft items for sale but three craft tables caught my eye this year.  The items being sold were not new ideas but all the items were nicely displayed, all three stands were very busy and they sold items I find interesting.

1. Hand knit & crochet hats
2. Scrabble tile pendants
3. Domino pendants with hand painted designs

I really really liked the hand painted domino pendants and there were some real cute ones for the kids but the scrabble pendants won out for one reason alone.... Price!   I couldn't pass up the deal of 3 pendants for $12.  One for each girl and one for me too!  They had a lot of different designs including animals, abstract, nature, and holiday themes.  The girls loved the cat pendants.

The scrabble tile pendants were made by two moms and their business is called Charming Charms.

There are lots of tutorials online for making the pendants and maybe I will give it a try one day.  Until then, I am glad these ladies take their time to make and sell these great items.

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