Monday, January 23, 2012

Buttonholes & Barbie Dresses

I was in heaven today making buttonholes on my new sewing machine.   I had been using my mother's older Pfaff and thought the 4 step buttonholer on that machine was great... but now the one step buttonholer on my new machine has me smiling ear to ear.

I can't believe how easy it is and now all my buttonholes will be uniform.  I had to add some buttons to my hanging laundry bag as the snaps kept coming undone (maybe if I emptied the bag out more often so it was not overstuffed and super heavy the snaps would have stayed shut).

After fixing the laundry bag, I took out my daughter's old holey stained skirt to make a barbie dress.   I had to make 2, one for each child.

I used seam bias tape for the straps.   Those snaps that kept coming undone on the laundry bag came in useful for the back of the dress.  (I will have to get some velcro one of these days.)   My sewing skills on the first one were not the best but the girls never seemed to notice.

The second dress turned out better as seen on my model below:

The fabric on the skirt was just too cute to throw away or turn into a rag.  I am glad I was able to upcycle the skirt into some cute barbie doll clothes for the kids.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

laced hearts & paper purses

Ever see a 4 year old wield a sharp sewing needle?  It can be a scary nerve racking sight. Our solution was to use a 1/16" round hole punch to make some lacing projects.  She can now sew along with a plastic needle.

We decided to make paper hearts and purses for Valentine's day next month.

Pick out a heart template, trace it on card stock and and cut it out.  Punch the holes around the edge of the heart.   Pick your choice of yarn, string or embroidery floss.   If you don't have a plastic needle, just place a bit of scotch tape on the end of your string to make threading easier.  Once you have finished lacing the string around the heart, tie a bow and add some embellishments.

The completed laced hearts will make cute valentine cards for someone special.

Here are the paper purses we made:

The kids enjoy sewing and had so much fun making the projects, they want to make some more.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

pretty measuring cups the kitchen

Need a little inspiration to cook in the kitchen?  How about these beautiful painted amaryllis measuring cups?  These cups nest perfectly together for easy storage.

I can't guarantee your recipe will turn out better but they look great!

We were lucky enough to receive these sweet cups as a present.  Unknown to the person who gifted them, I had previously admired them online at Anthropologie.
Do you have a favorite utensil you love to use when you cook?  What inspires you in the kitchen?