Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Cookie Sandwiches

I used my favorite rolled cookie recipe to make these scrumptious little valentine bites.

This time when I was mixing up the cookie dough,  I was wondering why the dough was not coming together and then I realized I added an extra cup of flour.  Oops!  After correcting my measuring error, we ended up with twice the cookie dough which is not a bad thing. There were so many cookies that we decided to sandwich some of the hearts together with pink butter icing.

What darling little cookie sandwiches, a perfect sweet for a Valentine treat.

And I made my first animated gif inspired by Centsational Girl's post.  I am slowly learning what I can do using photoshop elements.  My daughter pointed out that it only took me four bites to polish this cookie off.  :-)

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  1. This is amazing Cindy! Can you come to the island and make these!!!

  2. Your cookies look amazing - like I want to eat them all (in 4 bites or less). And congrats on making the animated gif. Very talented.

  3. So pretty and looks so yummy! I do love cookies!


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