Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuffed Animal Bling - Making A Collar

What did I do last night you might ask?

Well... instead of sleeping, catching up on some reading, or watching some "T and some V" as the kids call it... I made some pet collars for the girls' newest stuffies.  I don't even remember why or when this idea appeared and became a priority in my daughter's life but after a few days of nagging,  I broke down and made them.

So let me introduce Lickety, Cherie, Moto and Molly:

Here are the finished collars:

After I made the first red felt ones, I came across some cute ribbon and decided to add a monogrammed tag to the collars.  (I think I spent more time looking for my felt glue to make the tag than sewing the ribbon, felt and velcro together.)

And here they are with their new collars:

What a smart looking crew!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Egg Heads

Spring is almost here!  But why is it snowing during Spring Break?!! We have been disappointed with the cold weather.

But overall the sun is starting to shine more,  the grass is starting to grow, and Easter is approaching.  The sun, grass and eggs remind me of a craft the kids did last year.   I am not sure what you would call it but here are the steps for this egg-cellent craft for kids.   I guess it is a DIY version of a Chia Pet.
  1. Collect some egg shells with just the top off (rinse out and air dry)
  2. Draw a face with a permanent marker
  3. Fill with dirt
  4. Add some grass seeds
  5. Water
  6. And watch the "hair" grow
The egg stand was just a strip of craft paper that was rolled up into a ring and taped together.  The 'hair' started to grow after a few days.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Lunch Fun Bento Style

Tired of the same boring sandwich for lunch.   Here are some ideas that will make lunch fun!!

Adorable animal food picks can perk up a lunch!  The kids love using them to eat bite sized morsels.

Mini animal sandwich cutters (which also double as cookie cutters) make the cutest finger foods.  Egg molds add a little interest to a boiled egg.  Mini cookies cutters are great to make shapes out of fruit, vegetable or cheese.

Bento boxes work well for creating a litterless lunch.

Wouldn't you enjoy a bento lunch?

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Bird Heating Pads

A heating pad or warmed bean bag at bedtime is a must have item for my daughter.  We used her Warm Buddy stuffed bear for awhile and then just ended up using the bean bag.   After the bean bag's life was up, we implemented a quick fix and "The Sock" was born - a rice filled sock with a knot on the end!   The Sock is on its last legs and I had been thinking of making a new heating pad.

I took a quick look the other day for some ideas and came across these lovely little "Chick-sicles" from Just Another Hang up

I picked out a few fabrics from a stash of old clothes I have kept for upcycling into other projects (most of these clothes seem to have mysterious little holes that I swear are caused by my washing machine).  I followed the patterns and instructions on Suzanne's blog, and created my versions of these little cuties:
My daughter just said, "Thank you for making us these birds."  I am so glad she likes them.

Note:  I just realized the button eyes might not be the best option in the microwave.  I will have to remove the buttons and embroider them instead if it is going to be used as a heating pad.

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