Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Bird Heating Pads

A heating pad or warmed bean bag at bedtime is a must have item for my daughter.  We used her Warm Buddy stuffed bear for awhile and then just ended up using the bean bag.   After the bean bag's life was up, we implemented a quick fix and "The Sock" was born - a rice filled sock with a knot on the end!   The Sock is on its last legs and I had been thinking of making a new heating pad.

I took a quick look the other day for some ideas and came across these lovely little "Chick-sicles" from Just Another Hang up

I picked out a few fabrics from a stash of old clothes I have kept for upcycling into other projects (most of these clothes seem to have mysterious little holes that I swear are caused by my washing machine).  I followed the patterns and instructions on Suzanne's blog, and created my versions of these little cuties:
My daughter just said, "Thank you for making us these birds."  I am so glad she likes them.

Note:  I just realized the button eyes might not be the best option in the microwave.  I will have to remove the buttons and embroider them instead if it is going to be used as a heating pad.

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