Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Simple Snack Bentos

Here are two different bentos packed with snacks to keep away the growlies. Something healthy for the kids.

We have carrot and celery sticks, sliced strawberries, pumpkin bread and some laughing cow cheese (or en francais, la vache qui rire.)  I remember that laughing cow was a staple when I was travelling in Europe living off of bread and cheese. 

I did end up taking out the cheese as I found out that is is only edible on crackers (according to the four year old).

I don't have a picture of the backside of the pig pick but it has a little curly tail. Then I had to check out all the other animal picks and yes... they all have tails on them. 

Here is the second bento - this container is decorated with a bear in a basket with balloons.   Love the brown bear's little buddy!  However, they don't look too happy being up in the balloon.

This bento was filled with some of our favourite fruit and veg - strawberries and cukes.   A whole wheat tortilla cheese wrap was added too.  With the kids' bland taste in sandwich wraps, preparing them is so easy.

I do not have a bear pick so the lion was put in this time.   If I had a tiger pick to add, I could have called this bento "Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!"

Now that I been taking a little extra time to make more bentos, I want get out to Daiso to pick up a few more items.   And I have been eyeing those nori punches too!

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  1. Adorable, my 3 year old is leaning over my lap all excited "mom can we make deeees(these)"
    following you from Debbie-doo hop

  2. I love the sandwich stamp, my kids would get such a kick out of that. Very clever idea!

  3. Lovely photos. Bright and cheery bentos too ;-) love them.


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